Iowa State Fair

August Come She Will

There are eight days until the Iowa State Fair and the Fair looks like it could start tomorrow! It’s amazing to see all of the food stands when I have become so used to seeing the grounds empty.

As others begin to set up, I’m seeing all of my hard work this summer begin to wrap up. I’m approaching the ends of my to-do lists and will make my daily Fair schedule this afternoon! What seemed so far away in May arrived in the blink of an eye.

Gathering Ground

We are just days away from the Iowa State Fair but who is counting? It is amazing to see the work around the Fairgrounds being done. Yesterday as the interns and I took our lunch on the bleachers of MidAmerican Energy Stage, it came to my attention that we as Fair staff are not the only ones that get to enjoy the preparation of what I call the greatest time of the year. There were two mothers that brought their kids to the park outside our office and had a picnic on the MidAmerican Energy stage, how cool! Every day we see at least one family, if not three or four that utilize the park.

Nothing Compares to My State Fair Souvenirs

The last few days the other interns and I have taken our lunch to the “Original and Famous” Bud Tent.  The tent’s not full of people yet, but from an empty picnic table in the shade we can watch the great Iowa State Fair take shape.  Just in our daily half hour breaks we’ve seen the propane tanks get installed on Rock Island, the red fencing go in for the Big Boar and Super Bull, and many people staring at their phones playing Pokemon Go.  

Building a Blue Ribbon Future

Each year the Iowa State Fairgrounds is dotted with hand-painted sculptures that resemble a Fair time favorite. The last few have included a horse, an ice cream cone, the state of Iowa and a pig. This year’s Fair time favorite statue is the branding box or logo of the Iowa State Fair. For the last few years the Blue Ribbon Foundation has had its own statue in front of the Administration Building. This year we partnered with Sticks Inc. on a design for the Foundation’s branding box statue.