Corndog Kickoff Auction Sneak Peak

May 11, 2018
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Our office is getting more and more Corndog Kickoff auction items as the week goes by! Checkout our newest and latest items! Items come in all shapes and sizes with all types of uses including home décor! These will not disappoint at the Corndog Kickoff, held on July 7.

The C. W. Parker Carousel was built in 1912 operating in the Burnaby Village Museum at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, British Columbia. The carousel was the 119th machine built by C.W. Parker Company, earning is “Parker #119” nickname. The carousel, built by Charles Wallace Parker, toured Texas for two years with the Lone Star Circus before ending up in Happyland, an amusement part in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1936.

In 1989 the carousel was sold off horse by horse at an auction in New York. Local residents came together to save the carousel and formed the “Friends of Vancouver Carousel Society.” In May 1989, the Burnaby Village Museum agreed to provide a home for the carousel and the “friends,” led by President Don Wrigley, set about raising the $350,000 to purchase the machine. In 1990, the carousel was purchased. The pavilion, named the Don Wrigley Pavilion was completed in 1993 and the carousel was then named the Burnaby Centennial Parker Carousel. This horse will be featured in the Corndog Kickoff live auction.

Would this carousel look good in your home? Get your tickets today and participate in the live auction!

Macy Evans