Volunteer Information

May 15, 2017

Monday mornings are for getting things done! I have a list of things that are ready to get crossed off today. As we roll through May, Blue Ribbon Staff is becoming more and more anxious for the Fair. Everyone is getting organized and pushing through all of our projects and to-do list.

I have roughly 700 letters ready to be sent out for Volunteers pick out their shifts for both the Corndog Kickoff and the Iowa State Fair. Make sure you’re checking your mailboxes! 

Blue Ribbon Foundation Volunteers are those with a meaningful passion for the Iowa State Fair. During the Fair Volunteers sell water, merchandise, and the delicious Fair Squares. New for the 2017 Fair, Volunteers will assist in Painting Classes. You can sign up to Volunteer through our website on May 22nd.  If you haven’t Volunteered in the past but would like to receive information, you can e-mail me at Volunteer@BlueRibbonFoundation.org.  

Here’s to a productive Monday, I hope everyone has a great day!


Here's a photo of some of our prized Volunteers!