T.A.G. Team

The Blue Ribbon Foundation created the T.A.G. team to bring like-minded, Fair-loving individuals together to make the Iowa State Fairgrounds an even better place.  It was a simple concept; Together we can Accomplish our Goals. So far, T.A.G. Team members have supported the renovation of the east restroom in the Livestock Pavilion, upgraded lighting in the Agriculture Building and repaired the west exterior of Pioneer Hall.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation is once again looking for 100 donors who want to make an immediate, positive and direct impact on our historic Fairgrounds by tackling a smaller renovation project. Money raised from the 2023 T.A.G. Team will be used to renovate the north and east exterior doors of the Agriculture Building.

An entry door is one of the most important elements of a building. The Blue Ribbon Foundation believes that on our historic Fairgrounds, an entryway is the host of a building, welcoming guests to come in and experience all that is showcased within its walls. The new Agriculture Building doors will enhance the exposition-style architectural design, make a positive statement about the building and help keep it secure.

The updated doors will be detailed with proper craftsmanship to match the historic style. Each custom door will be engineered for function and longevity, following accessibility guidelines. The new doors will enable better security and provide weather-proofing to fix previous issues of large gaps and easy to pop locks. 

The Agriculture Building epitomizes the Iowa State Fair. It is the home of horticultural competitive entries and commodity organization displays, plus a variety of merchandise vendors. Fairgoers can see ice sculpting, learn about beekeeping and visit the famous Iowa State Fair Butter Cow within its walls too.

Updating something as simple as doors is not only necessary but will continue to make the Iowa State Fairgrounds an admired historical venue in the state of Iowa. 

For a $250 donation, only 100 donors will be accepted into this unique group.  Your name will be listed as a key player in the renovation project and you will receive a commemorative pin to denote your membership in the 2023 T.A.G. Team.

We welcome your participation in our T.A.G. Team so Together we can Accomplish our Goals. Join Today!