There is no Typical Day as an Intern

June 5, 2023
Intern's picture

When I tell most people that I am interning for the Iowa State Fair this summer, their typical response is a confused look on their face followed by the question, “the Fair is already open?” And to be honest, before I started here, I might’ve said something similar. I now know, Fair preparation goes way beyond even just the few months before August. There are around 70 employees that work year round helping to create the Best Days Ever. They are joined by around 1,400 other diligent individuals that work seasonally and during the Fair. Without all of the hard work and dedication of these people and the wonderful volunteers that give their time, the Iowa State Fair would not be possible.

As the conversation continues, the next question I am asked is, “So, what does your typical day look like?” I find myself giggling because I have quickly found out no two days are the same. And to me, that is what makes this so much fun.

As the donor relations intern here at the Foundation, a large majority of my responsibilities revolve around planning different receptions, member parties, and events at the Fair as well as the Corndog Kickoff.  Though my duties do not stop there. In my short time here, I have been able to improve my writing skills through blog posts, newsletters, press releases, emails, and so much more! I have also made many graphics for our various programs as well. Although my favorite part of this internship so far has been the connections I have been able to make with several different people. Whether that is helping someone show their appreciation of another through the purchase of a paver, chatting with a donor about how they can help restore the beautiful Fairgrounds, or walking someone down to find their engraved brick and listening to the stories of their own Fair memories, these are the special moments I will take with me forever. And I believe that is what the Iowa State Fair is all about; the memories you share with the people you meet along the way!

As the Fair inches closer, a lot of our focus has been on the Corndog Kickoff. It has been incredible to see the passion people and companies have to the Iowa State Fair through their generous donations! I was able to spend an afternoon at the Des Moines Farmers Market networking with local businesses to showcase their products at the event. I was able to witness the immense pride Iowans have for their state and people. That is another aspect that makes this state and Fair so special; the way people come together for one another.

I have been able to experience that very thing here in the office every single day. I am so lucky to work alongside two girls I can now consider my friends. Faith, Macy, and I have grown closer each day by working together on various projects. The day we truly bonded was the day we placed each individual engraved brick in its certain spot on the Fairgrounds. Now you know why I giggle when people ask me what my typical day looks like! ;) All in all, I am extremely thankful for everything I have learned here at the Foundation in such a short amount of time. I am excited to continue making memories and learning lessons in the next few months!

- Donor Relations Intern, Regan Freland