Be a part of the Fair as a Volunteer

May 1, 2023
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The countdown is officially on to the last day of school. I am wrapping up my sophomore year at Iowa State University as I gear up for my final exams next week. With school being close to letting out, that means the best days of the year are quickly approaching, the Iowa State Fair! Speaking of the best days of the year, do you want to be part of the Iowa State Fair as more than just a Fairgoer or give back to the Fair and the Foundation? Consider volunteering with the Blue Ribbon Foundation at this year's Fair and Corndog Kickoff.

Each year almost 600 people volunteer for the Blue Ribbon Foundation assisting all Fair long to help with several different tasks around the Fair. As a volunteer, there is a variety of different tasks you could complete. One could be selling Fair merchandise through one of seven booths across the Fairgrounds. Some sell bottled water at one of the six booths around the Fairgrounds. Others could be running BINGO one day! Volunteers could even help host the 1854 Society members in Jake's Club hospitality suite. There are many things for a volunteer to do at the Fair!

The Corndog Kickoff is one of the Foundation's biggest events leading up to the Fair. The event consists of a fun-filled night with live entertainment, Fair food favorites, and a live and silent auction with nearly 2,000 attendees. At this event, there is a variety of different responsibilities a volunteer can do to help ensure the event is successful. Volunteers will help with tasks ranging from taking tickets to monitoring auction items to assisting in data entry.

Volunteers are a key aspect in assuring the Fair runs smoothly and is successful. The Foundation is a team of eight people, five full-time employees and three interns, which explains why we need all volunteers during the Fair. Without each and every volunteer, the Corndog Kickoff and Fair would not be possible to complete each and every year. YOU – outstanding volunteers – are the reason we are able to have the fun pre-fair event and the best 11 days of the year.

As a volunteer, you are the face of the Fair, being able to meet and interact with so many new people and gain a fun experience. Through each and every volunteer's hard work in selling merchandise and bottled water, all of the sales go towards the Foundation's endeavors to raise funds for the Fairground's renovation projects. In thanks to each volunteer, one will receive a complimentary admission ticket and parking pass for the day they work.

Looking at the next steps, once you have decided to volunteer, mark your calendar for June 1st, as that is when sign-up starts! Once signed up, you will want to make sure you attend the volunteer reception that takes place in July. You can learn more about this great opportunity. You can check out the Volunteer section on our website! If you have any questions, you can contact Meg at 515-262-3111 Ext. 370. We truly could not do any of this without each and every one of our volunteers. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!

- Faith Kuehl, Business Relations Intern