It's a Win-Win!

April 25, 2022
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There are officially 75 days until the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s Corndog Kickoff - Saturday July, 9! Today I’m highlighting one of our special fundraising activities at the event.

“Dining Delights” is back again for another round of celebrating delicious restaurants across Iowa. Attendees donate $20 to pick a mystery gift card of $25 or higher to a restaurant in Iowa! Who doesn’t love to try a new restaurant while also supporting the Blue Ribbon Foundation?

Is your local restaurant a hidden gem? You can promote your favorite restaurant by buying a gift card and donating it to the Blue Ribbon Foundation be part of the Dining Delights activity.

I know I would love to give someone a gift certificate to my favorite restaurant in Mt.Pleasant, Costas Pizza & Steakhouse. I worked there for 3 years in high school and I still go back every time I am home! You could also score a gift card from Hickory Park Restaurant in Ames where I work during college! They have just about every flavor of ice cream and topping you could wish for.

Alright, this is making me very hungry. Before I go, I want to remind you all that it is not too late to buy your tickets to the 2022 Corndog Kickoff or reserve a table by becoming a Patron. There are so many amazing donations that are coming into the office and we would love to see even more!

Thank you for your support!


-Kenna Smith, Donor Relations Intern