Attend your local county fair this summer!

March 4, 2010
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Zone 5 Conference attendees sit in on a session workshop.

Last weekend, Foundation and State Fair staff organized and attended the Zone 5 Conference for the International Association of Fairs and Expositions. The Iowa State Fair is a member of the IAFE and hosted the conference. Representatives from fairs large and small from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri & Nebraska came to learn more about the fair industry from speakers, sessions and each other. In addition, our own Allyson Krull sang the National Anthem! Who knew we had such talent on our staff? 

While our involvement in IAFE may not be apparent to the general public, Fairgoers do reap the benefits of our learning! We talk about what works and what doesn’t and share ideas for how to make our fairs better, whether it’s the state fair or a local county fair. 

I love getting back to the Linn County Fair where I grew up. The fair has changed a lot since I participated (for the better, I might add!) and I always like to see what’s new. I consider the county fair my roots, because if I hadn’t started showing there, I might not have made it to the Iowa State Fair! 

Do you attend your local county fair? If you don’t, take some time this summer to stop by! You’re sure to see great exhibits, entertainment and of course food! Consider it an opportunity to get excited about the Iowa State Fair!