Your Iowa State Fair Moment

February 26, 2024
drewnorton's picture

What is your “Iowa State Fair Moment”? Is it the first time you attended the event? Did you meet your significate other while standing in line for a corndog? Did your babysitter take you on the Giant Slide or Sky Glider for the first time? Did you win a blue ribbon for your peach pie?

All Fair lovers have at least one, if not several flashbacks that bring a smile to their face when talking about the Iowa State Fair. For me, it’s the first time I attended a concert in the Grandstand (LeAnn Rimes). It’s camping with my best friend as she showed cattle. It’s my summer as a Blue Ribbon Foundation intern. It’s getting married in the Animal Learning Center. It’s the first time I took my daughter through Little Hands on the Farm. Just like every Fairgoer, I have MANY special Iowa State Fair memories.
In fact, 9,958 Iowa State Fair enthusiasts have celebrated their personal Iowa State Fair memory with a donation to the Blue Ribbon Foundation for an engraved brick. Brick inscriptions all across the Fairgrounds are unique and tell stories of people’s connections to the Fair.  Engraved bricks celebrate families, loved ones that are no longer here and truly everything people love about the great Iowa State Fair. 

All of the Giving Program options are listed on the Blue Ribbon Foundation website. The Foundation has creative ways to make a donation and leave a lasting legacy on the Fairgrounds. Gifts can take many forms and are welcome at every level. The deadline to have an item in place by the 2024 Iowa State Fair is March 31.