The Gift that Keeps on Giving

May 25, 2023
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Summer is finally here, and I am officially working full-time in the office! Through my time here so far, I have gotten to do many different things in preparation for the best eleven days of the year! These tasks include answering the phones, responding to emails, attending meetings, and working on various projects and campaigns, from “Back the Barns” to finding local bakers to be featured at this year’s Corndog Kickoff event. One fun task I recently got to help with is laying the newly engraved bricks across the Fairgrounds!

Brick by brick is what we were saying as we fit these bricks in their spot just right to be showcased at this year’s Fair. This can be a tough task at times, don’t worry luck was on our side as I got a little gift on my head from a bird above! As the wise tale says, if a bird poops on your head it’s a sign of good luck and boy it was as the bricks fit perfectly after that!

Each year my family and I walk around the Fairgrounds looking at the bricks to see if we can spot anyone we recognize. I always wonder how they got those new bricks into the grounds. Well, now I can say I know and was able to be a part of the process! Buying a brick is just one of the many ways you can be a bigger part of the Iowa State Fair and restore memories for many years.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation has many ways you can be a part of creating those everlasting memories through our giving programs. These giving programs all go towards financing the renovation projects and improvement of the Fairgrounds, so you are creating fond memories and helping the Fair through donating. There are many ways to give, from buying a brick to being a part of the block-by-block program to beautifying the environment by adding a tree to the Fairgrounds. If you want to enhance your engagement with the fair, you can learn more about our ways to give by visiting our website at, calling the Foundation’s office at (515) 262-3111 Ext. 371, or stopping by the office. We are located on the Iowa State Fairgrounds in the Earth Home (under the wind turbine, by the Cultural Center and Fun Forest). We are open Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

My time here at the Foundation has been the absolute best so far! I have gained and learned so much thus far in my short time. I am so excited for what the rest of the summer has in store and to dive deeper into my projects and preparation for the Fair!

- Faith Kuehl, Business Relations Intern