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February 1, 2023
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The Blue Ribbon Foundation is looking for the final 3 donors to join the 2023 T.A.G. Team. These 3 individuals will make an immediate, positive and direct impact on our historic Fairgrounds by tackling a smaller renovation project. These last 3 generous Iowa State Fair enthusiasts will complete our group of 100 and $25,000!

Money raised from the 2023 T.A.G. Team will be used to renovate the north and east exterior doors of the Agriculture Building. The very talented carpenter in the ISF maintenance department is already making progress on the new doors.

The updated doors will be detailed with proper craftsmanship to match the historic style. Each custom door will be engineered for function and longevity, following accessibility guidelines. The new doors will enable better security and provide weather-proofing to fix previous issues of large gaps and easy to pop locks. 

For a $250 donation, only 100 donors will be accepted into this unique group. Your name will be listed as a key player in the renovation project and you will receive a commemorative pin to denote your membership.

Please consider joining our T.A.G. Team so Together we can Accomplish our Goals. Donate today

Thank you to these donors that have supported our mission:

Paul and Crystal Abbe
Blake Anderson
Ernie and Paula Barnes
Darrell and Lynda Bauman
Dustin and Chris Beener
Craig and Shellie Benson
Randy and JoAnn Berry
Michael and Karla Blanchard
Frank and Nancy Bodine
Lynn and Elaine Bohling
Mary Boysen
Ronald and Joyce Brewster
Joe and Bonnie Buman
Jill Byerly
Kenneth and Linda Cairns
Melanie Carmichael
Gary and Cynthia Cheney
Donna Clark
Philip and Caren Clevenger
Don Corrigan
Jeff and Meg Courter
Daniel Cretors
Paul and Kiki Curtis
Erik Davis
Doug and Heather Den Adel
Dale and Susan Derscheid
Gary Dinsdale
Kelly and Dave Donato
Douglas and Patty Dyar
Mark and Tammy Ebensberger
Rachel and Zach Eubank
Jeff and Vickie Farver
Colene Ferrin
Kay Eker Finders and Gordon Finders
Larry and Sandra Fleck
Tracy Forbes
Richard and Beth Frank
Michael and Ann Gersie
Jim and Kathy Gocke
Bill and Marilyn Grochala Gorham
Alan and Lisa Hagie
Becky Hauser
Joe Hintzsche
Skip Hitchcock
Zane Hoffman
Allen and Wanda Holm
Melinda Huisinga
Donald Irwin
Julianna Kasper
William and Sarah Keel
Kenneth Kessler
Michael and Anne Long
Penny Lorey
Lori Malone
Larry McConnell
Rollie and Patty McCubbin
Andrew McDowell
Judi Mireles
Jason and Cara Morse
Ken Morse
Tony Mudderman
Patrick Nepereny
Sheldon and Elizabeth Ohringer
Doug and Marcy Ostrander
Lori Pearson
Dixie Pencil
Stephen and Patricia Peters
Stuart Peterson
Matt and Anna Pilcher
Gary and Bobbi Port
Dennis Prather
Howard Rescot
Brooks Reynolds
Martin and Jo Reynolds
Tricia Rosendahl
Kevin Schlutz and Linda Martin
Jon and Laura Scoles
Sherry Sears
Shannon Shepherd
Bruce and Linda Simonton
Mike and Janet Sinclair
Cindy Spiker
Glenn and Ginger Sterk
Gary and Lisa Stump
Adam and Aundrea Suntken
Bret and Beth Jensen Thies
Tindle Family
Chuck and Kathy Van Dike
Jeff and Shelley Wangsness
Kelsey Warfield
Dave Windisch
Gary and Sandi Yates
The Yedlik Family
Eric Youngberg and Gary Krogh
Rod and Deborah Zeitler
Ronald and Mary Beth Zelle
Louie and Deb Zumbach

Progress Pictures:

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