Special People, Special Memories 

January 17, 2023
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We all have those people in our lives that we depend on every day. The friends that go above and beyond to help with whatever is needed. The neighbor that not only does the favor but also does a little bit extra to make our lives easier.   

Are any of these special people also Iowa State Fair fans? What about your family member that never misses a Fair and sometimes attends 9, 10 or even all 11 days. Do you have a sister that typically goes to a Grandstand concert but wants to get to the Fairgrounds for breakfast on the same day? Or a cousin that is up for the challenge of eating all of the new Fair foods featured on-a-stick each year? 

Or maybe you helped your son show his pigs during his 4-H and FFA years in school and now you sit in the stands watching your grandson show the same breed.  

The Iowa State Fair is made up of special people that have precious memories. The Blue Ribbon Foundation’s job is to preserve those memories and make sure families all across Iowa can continue to make more in the future.  

To those special people (and Fair lovers) in your life, no matter how many times you thank them – it never seems enough. Consider making a gift to the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation in their honor. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the special Fairgoer in your life while supporting Fairgrounds renovations. 

Here are three donor wall plaques that can show appreciation to your loved one. 

Growing Our Future: Ruan Plaza, a greenspace bordering the east side of the William C. Knapp Varied Industries Building, made its Fair debut in 2015. A retaining wall between the Robert G. Horner and Sheri Avis Horner Service Center and the Plaza will now showcase “Growing Our Future”, a program designed to add a vibrant and artful display to the grounds.  

Seven different levels of giving are available, with each customized ¼” aluminum plaque working together to create the overall design. Distinguished by two different sized plaques, each level is recognized with colored “leaves”. The leaves allow for two lines of inscription and can become more personalized on the larger pieces. Donate Here. 

Block By Block: The donor wall is inspired by the barn quilts that hang on the exterior of the Exhibition Center, which represent Iowa’s heritage and strength in agriculture. Just as the structure was built block by block, this unique, decorative wall is a symbol of how individual contributions like yours help piece together projects to make Fairgrounds renovations possible! 

Six different levels of giving are available for the donor wall in the Jacobson Exhibition Center. With each incremental donation level, the plaques increase in size and allow for a more personalized inscription. Donate Here. 

Spirit of Generosity: The “Spirit of Generosity” giving program is designed to honor the character and generous spirit of Iowans. 

Located in the west atrium of the Bruce L. Rastetter 4-H Exhibits Building, the “Spirit of Generosity” panel is a representation of Iowa, demonstrating how independent pieces come together to create our great state and its Fair.  The Blue Ribbon Foundation invites you to support our mission to renovate and preserve the Iowa State Fairgrounds, keeping it a place where future generations can showcase their talents. Donate Here. 

Thank you for supporting the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation. You and your Iowa State Fair memories will always be special to us.  

(Pictured: Just a few of my close friends that love to attend the Iowa State Fair and have fun while I'm working!)