Summer 2022 Newsletter Flashback

June 29, 2022
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Summer is flying by here at the Blue Ribbon Foundation. With the Kickoff just over a week away and Fair preparations in full swing, it can be hard to pause or truly consider how all the work impacts the Fair. The 2022 Summer Newsletter is set to hit mailboxes this week, and can be a good reason to look back, and see just how far the Fair has come. Today, we looked back to 2002 and 2012 to see what the Blue Ribbon Foundation was up to 10 and 20 years ago.

In 2002, the Blue Ribbon Foundation was busy settling into their new home on the Fairgrounds. While settling in, construction was underway at the Legacy Terrace, which was constructed in 3 phases, much like how the multi-phase project at Elwell Family Park is being constructed today!

“The Legacy Terrace offers Fair-goers the opportunity to leave a legacy at the Iowa State Fair,” said then Executive Director John Putney.

The Legacy Terrace is still a part of giving program options today. There are 3 different options for donations and recognitions at the Legacy Terrace, including granite pavers, cast-bronze plaques at the bases of the trees in the area, and plaques on limestone blocks. The Legacy Terrace is a popular spot to relax and people watch on the Grand Concourse.

The 6th annual Corndog Kickoff was also quickly approaching 20 years ago. The newsletter highlighted 5 unique packages that ranged from VIP concert tickets to see Alicia Keys at the Grandstand to getting to help sculpt the Butter Cow for the 2002 Fair.

Fast forward ten years to 2012, and yet again we see a flurry of activity at the Blue Ribbon Foundation and on the Fairgrounds. Construction was in full swing up at Expo Hill, to add lighting, benches and a new staircase to the area. The Cultural Center had elevators installed and the parking lot next to the 4-H Building was paved after being flooded in years prior.

Much like this year, the summer newsletter highlighted new merchandise offerings for the 2012 season. There was the 2012 pottery piece (the compost pot for those who collect), 2 Sticks plaques (Fairlicious and Little Squeakers), the 2012 Lapel Pin (Cultural Center), the 2012 charms (lemonade and logo), the 2012 ornament (Pepsi Clock), and the 16th edition of the Iowa State Fair Cookbook. Some things at the Blue Ribbon Foundation do not change. This year we will offer the 2022 editions of all of these items! There will be the Water Carafe pottery piece, 1 Sticks Plaque called Iowa State Fair Peeps, a Lapel Pin featuring the Cattle Barn, a camper charm and 2022 logo charm, a Fairfield ornament and the 21st edition of the Iowa State Fair Cookbook. Call us at (515) 262-3111 ext. 371 to place your orders for pottery, Sticks plaques or the 21st edition cookbook today! All other items will be available at the Iowa State Fair August 11-21.

As the years go by, the projects that are completed because of Fair supporters continue to grow in both number and magnitude. This year, we are proud to continue work on the Elwell Family Park, the Alliant Energy Landing, the Kitchen, and the Pioneer Hall exterior. We cannot wait to look back in 10 years on the progress that was made this year, in 2022. What kind of projects and restorations might the Fair be doing in 2032? Only time will tell.

- Laura Noehren, Business Relations Intern