Renovate & Preserve

January 12, 2021
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As tax time approaches, it’s also time for Iowans to consider supporting the preservation of the Iowa State Fairgrounds with a donation through the Corndog Tax Checkoff.

Throughout its history, the Iowa State Fair has served to educate, inform, and entertain visitors from all walks of life. From the first fair in Fairfield in 1854, to 1886 when it found a permanent home, to today, the Iowa State Fair has been our state’s outstanding salute to agriculture, industry, and achievement.

But a long history and annually hosting hundreds of thousands of visitors takes a toll. The Fairgrounds continue to need the financial generosity and commitment of Fair lovers who support preservation and renovation projects. Through the Corndog Tax Checkoff, it’s easy to make a donation to ensure these vital efforts continue. Every dollar is directed to preserving the historic Fairgrounds.

Whether you complete your state tax forms yourself or involve a professional tax preparer, the Blue Ribbon Foundation asks Iowans to consider making a donation to ensure the Fair remains a thriving tradition for generations to come. Look for “State Fair” on line 57b on Form 1040. Donations are deducted from a refund or added to the amount due, plus are fully tax-deductible on next year’s tax forms.

For 28 years, the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation has been raising funds in support of the Iowa State Fairgrounds. From the preservation of Grandfather’s Barn in 1994 to the enclosure of the Varied Industries Building in 2001 to the complete renovation of the Bruce L. Rastetter 4-H Exhibits Building in 2020, one by one, barns and buildings across the Fairgrounds were saved from the ravages of time and upgraded for modern use. The Blue Ribbon Foundation’s goal is to make the Iowa State Fairgrounds the best in the nation.

Thank you for supporting the Blue Ribbon Foundation with a Corndog Checkoff donation.