Searching for Shining Stars

May 21, 2010
Intern's picture

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I am Samantha Liametz, or Sam, one of the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s three interns for this summer. If you have been reading the blogs you already know, I attend Iowa State University majoring in journalism, business management and communication studies. “Why three majors?” many ask.  My reasoning is because I figure you can never have enough background. 

I have been with the Foundation since the beginning of March only working part-time during the school year. This week, I gratefully welcomed our two other interns, Stefany and Billy, to the Foundation as I finished putting together my final media kits for every newspaper, radio station and television station in the state of Iowa. 

“What is so pressing that everyone in the state needs to know about it?” you ask. 

I’m glad you asked! Every year, the Blue Ribbon Foundation and Cookies Food Products look for 10 outstanding Iowan volunteers to recognize during the Iowa State Fair.  These people are the shining stars of your lives. They personify the greatness of Iowa with a strong work ethic, loyalty to helping others, and an outstanding sense of Iowa pride.  Anyone come to mind? 

We need your help finding the shining stars of Iowa.  By logging on to the Iowan of the Day page, you can find more information about the program including a sample winning nomination packet and a printable nomination form (or click Iowan of the Day – Nomination Form right here to print one!).  Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or would like me to send you a nomination packet at 515-262-3111 ext. 678 or

I look forward to seeing some amazing Iowans in the upcoming weeks! Until then, have a great weekend, hopefully the weather will be as nice as they predict!