Hitting Milestones

May 7, 2010
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Often, we measure our lives in terms of milestones. First day of school. College graduation. First job. The list goes on and on. Tonight, is a personal milestone: my husband is graduating from Iowa State with a Masters in Engineering. After nearly four years of juggling classes, thesis writing as well as a full-time job, it will be completed and we’ll have the diploma in hand! In fairness, I had very little to do with the process itself save for providing moral support, listening to theories about things I don’t understand, and brewing endless pots of coffee.  The journey to this large milestone was marked by many, many small ones, all leading up to the final accomplishment.

We’ve reached many milestones at the Fair as well,  restoring the Varied Industries Building and the Agriculture Building, reaching a record setting attendance of 1.1 million people, building the Animal Learning Center and opening the Jacobson Exhibition Center. Each year marks a new goal met. Throughout the year, we meet our own smaller milestones too. From record numbers of auction packages at last year’s Corndog Kickoff to a successful Fair to the best Fairgrounds 5K we’ve had, we look forward to each small accomplishment.

As Allyson mentioned previously, we’re down to double digits until the Fair, yikes! That’s a milestone in and of itself! We’ll be working hard to make sure that this year’s Corndog Kickoff and Iowa State Fair are the best yet. Tonight, though, I’m going to be enjoying this personal milestone and looking forward to the future!