Bingo on Grand!

June 15, 2018
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There is always something new to find at the Iowa State Fair. Be sure to participate these new activities coming in 2018: Farm to Fair, Fair After Dark, and B-I-N-G-0, B-I-N-G-O-Bingo on Grand!
On Wednesday, August 15th, Fairgoers are invited to participate in Bingo on Grand Avenue. Fairgoers can pay $1, play a game of Bingo, and have the chance to win half of the total amount collected per game! Games will be played all day from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You can have fun at the fair and support the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation at the same time!

Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has raised more than $138 million, through individual contributions, state appropriations, in-kind services, and corporate, federal and state grants – And for the first time ever - BINGO! The proceeds from bingo will provide funding for future renovation and maintenance improvements to the Fairgrounds ensuring the Fair will be a grand tradition for generations to come!

The mission of the Blue Ribbon Foundation is to conduct major capital campaigns for the renovation and preservation of the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds. You can also check out other ways to support the renovation projects and Fairground improvements through our many giving programs, such as Buy a Brick, Growing our Future, or Shine On.