Winter Newsletter: 1998, 2008 and 2018

January 31, 2018
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What’s happening at the Blue Ribbon Foundation?
Check out the Foundation’s winter newsletter. We are focused on sharing information on ways to support the Blue Ribbon Foundation through your Iowa taxes, the Endowment Fund or purchase Grandstand Concert tickets during a special presale. This winter newsletter highlights our Roll of Donor list featuring Fairgoers that have contributed $250 or more since 1993.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation is also excited to announce a generous $1 million donation from Kyle and Sharon Krause, and Kum & Go. Over the next several months, the Grandstand will undergo a renovation to expand the seating area and create a larger stage. The new Kum & Go Stage will accommodate larger musical acts and is designed to provide an exceptional entertainment experience. The project will be completed for opening day of the 2018 Iowa State Fair.

Did you miss the chance to purchase an Isabel Bloom Butter Cow during the Fair? We have got you covered with our limited edition second run. Check out the website for more details.

What was the Blue Ribbon Foundation doing 10 years ago?
“The Big Dig” was the topic of conversation with the Outdoor Arena being relocated. Other sewer and utility work had several areas of the Fairgrounds tore up. The Iowa State Fair was starting some serious projects to keep the current facilities in top condition and continue to attract national livestock and other agriculturally-related shows, exhibitions and conventions.

In 2008, the Corndog Checkoff and Fan Fair programs were in full swing. The first ever Fairgrounds 5K was highlighted raising $12,000 the previous fall.  The newsletter also included 35 pages of donor names that contributed to the Foundation since 1993.

“Thank you for your support of the great Iowa State Fair, an important tradition for the state of Iowa. Our continued success would not be possible without your loyalty,” said John Putney, former Executive Director. This loyalty has only continued to grow in 10 years.

Featured in the Donor Profile was the Goodman Dairy Farm. The Goodman family hosted a dairy breakfast fundraiser for the Blue Ribbon Foundation at their farm. This event raised $1000 and equally important raised awareness to the Oskaloosa and Rose Hill communities about the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s mission to improve the Fairgrounds.  Thank you Goodman Family for the support.

What was the Blue Ribbon Foundation doing 20 years ago?
In 1998, the Blue Ribbon Foundation was reaching goals and at the same time, setting new ones. The organization had raised $30 million in the first 5 years. As more donations came in, more items were added to the list of needed improvements. The goal “to make our Iowa State Fair an extreme source of pride for all of us” was in full swing.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation’s website and IoWeb’s services creating the website were highlighted in the Donor Profile. The father and son team of Kass and Kevin Duis donated their time and resources to make the Foundation part of the World Wide Web.

The creation of the Trees for the Fair program was just starting, the brick pad in front of Ye Old Mill was expanding with more engraved bricks, and two new employees joined the Foundation’s team: Pam Brocker and Emily Reis. The Rebuilding the Dream campaign was building momentum with new opportunities to support the Blue Ribbon Foundation.

To shape your future, you need to understand your past. The Blue Ribbon Foundation thanks the donors that helped shape our organization 20 and 10 years ago. We look forward to growing with our current and future supporters.