The Days are Long but the Years are Short

November 21, 2017
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The days are long but the years are short. I think this saying can ring true to anyone’s life at different points in time. It is easy to be caught up in the busy aspects of your life – balancing work, family and the million other responsibilities on your plate. Thanksgiving is a reminder to be thankful, to acknowledge and to show appreciation for those around you. We all try our best to thank the important people in our lives on a daily basis but it can be easy to forget with the craziness of everyday life.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation is guilty. July and August are so incredibly busy that it is easy to forget to stop and thank the people around us. There are many people that contribute to making the Foundation a success.

State Fair Staff: The Foundation only has 4 full time staff members but each State Fair employee helps our organization run. The 60+ staff members are always willing to step up and assist the Foundation with whatever we need. (A special shout out to Peter, Robin and Meg for being awesome co-workers!)

Interns: The Blue Ribbon Foundation’s staff grows every summer with the addition of interns. These college students go above and beyond to help accomplish our goals. Their hard work is appreciated and they each deserve of a huge thank you!  I’m looking forward to interviewing the 2018 applicants. (Just a reminder, the deadline to apply is November 30.)

Volunteers: In a hectic world, giving your time is sometimes the most valuable thing you can offer. Between the Corndog Kickoff and the Iowa State Fair there are plenty of times the Foundation relies on volunteers. These special Fair-lovers are willing to tackle any project with a smile on their face. These volunteers keep coming back year after year and we are continually thankful for each of them.

Donors: The most important on our list. From large to small, all donations are valued to the Foundation. Each donor has a reason for giving to the Blue Ribbon Foundation that is unique and special to him or her. We are honored you choose to support our mission of raising funds to improve the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds.

The Blue Ribbon Foundation is able to make improvements to the Fairgrounds to help preserve and enhance its structures - thanks to your support. Our work is not only about keeping the Iowa State Fairgrounds beautiful for future generations but also maintaining the traditions and memories of families across the state.

It is hard to believe I have already worked for the Blue Ribbon Foundation for 4 years. Those 11 days in August are the longest days of my year but at the same time - it feels like I just started my career. I am proud of the accomplishments the Foundation has achieved since I joined the team. The list of goals and ideas continues to grow and I am thankful to have a job I love doing every day. 

From the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!


Beautiful Fairgrounds Photo by Mark Iwig:



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