2017 Fair Recap: August 19 & 20

September 26, 2017
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When the last weekend of the Iowa State Fair arrives, some Fairgoers are attending for their 10th day while others are attending for the first time. As a staff member, it's our goal to make sure each person has a special experience at the Iowa State Fair! (Although I tend to move a little bit slower on day 10 and 11 compared to day 1!)

On Saturday, the Foundation honored our final Iowan of the Day winner - Bernard Becker of Lakota, Iowa. Bernie is well known for planning an annual pheasant hunt and community banquet in support of wounded soldiers known as “Hunting with Heroes”. Each year, Bernie invites Purple Heart Medal recipients from North Carolina to come to Lakota for a pheasant hunt outing to enjoy the outdoors and to see how much their service to our country has been appreciated. Bernie continues to be active in his community, serving on the Volunteer Fire Department, the Volunteer Ambulance Service and Pheasants Forever for over 15 years. When Bernie served as Mayor for five years and on the Lakota City Council, he led many projects to include all members of his community, including swimming and bowling trips. He also shares his knowledge with hunting and fishing with the young outdoorsman in his community.

Each day of the Fair, crowds watched as regular pieces of wood transformed into beautiful works of art - all with intricate designs using a chainsaw! On Sunday afternoon, the Foundation hosted the Woodcarver’s Auction and 50 items including large benches and tiny bears were for sale.  The Grand and Reserve Champion Meats including ham, bacon and dried beef were sold during the auction.  And again this year, the Blue Ribbon Foundation participated in the sculpture painting contest. Our Honorable Mention “Celebrating 25 Years” sculpture designed by Sticks sold for $1300. The Woodcarver’s Auction was a complete success with proceeds totaling $49,150 for Fairgrounds renovations.

Once again I am extremely proud to work for the Iowa State Fair. I want to personally thank my co-workers and other Fair staff members. Each person puts in countless hours throughout the summer and then doubles those hours during the 11 days of the Fair. Individual departments work together to create a celebration of the entire state. The traditions and memories made during the Iowa State Fair are one-of-a-kind.

A huge shout-out to this year’s interns! Each intern went above and beyond to help the Foundation succeed. They worked hard each day with smiles on their faces. Hopefully what they learned over the summer will help develop their individual career path and the memories they made will last forever!

Start gearing up for August because “Nothing Compares...to State Fair Moments”. The moment you ride the big slide, the moment you share a corn dog, the moment you earn a purple ribbon, the moments are endless and unique. With over 1 million attendees and 11 days, there are billions of moments at the Iowa State Fair, August 9-19, 2018.


Iowan of the Day - Bernard Becker of Lakota:


2017 Woodcarver's Auction:


Blue Ribbon Foundation Concrete Statue:


2017 Interns riding the Giant Slide:

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