25th Anniversary Campaign

The Blue Ribbon Foundation has been a key component of the Iowa State Fair since 1993. In celebration of our anniversary, we are hosting a 25th Anniversary Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to celebrate our history while creating awareness about our mission for the future. Join the Foundation and the growing base of donors and volunteers in our charge to renovate and preserve the historic Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Donate: Make a personal contribution of $25, $250, or $2,500. Your donation, no matter the size, will have a direct impact.

Our Fair’s Future: The proceeds of this campaign will be dedicated to Our Fair’s Future, the Blue Ribbon Foundation’s endowment fund. As the endowment grows, it will provide a reliable source of funding for future renovations, building enhancements and maintenance to the Fairgrounds, ensuring the Fair will be a grand tradition for generations to come. 

Help Spread The Word: By sharing the campaign and information about the Iowa State Fair Blue Ribbon Foundation, you can encourage others to make a contribution. Share our work with other Iowa State Fair lovers and how making a tax-deductible donation will sustain the Fairgrounds for the future. 

The Blue Ribbon Foundation and Iowa State Fair have been on an amazing journey the last 25 years, growing the Fair to the biggest and best it’s ever been. Take a look at some renovations and fun State Fair facts from the past 25 years.

The Iowa State Fair is a tradition any Iowan can be proud of, and the Blue Ribbon Foundation is dedicated to continuing that legacy. We invite you to join a community of generosity and get even more involved with the Fair that you know and love. Donate online or fill out the Donation Form